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The 18th CXMEE Opens with a Simplistic Style

With no extravagant inauguration, the 18th CXMEE opens its door to thousands of domestic and overseas visitors on April 12.

Compared to previous years, the biggest change of this year’s opening ceremony is the absence of the gigantic back board and rostrum. According to the floor manager of the exhibition center, not only back board and rostrum are no longer used at this year’s CXMEE, conventional decorations with flowers, red carpet and event symbols are also removed.

As the installation of most exhibition booths comes to an end, it is not difficult to notice that the exhibitors have also abandoned the garish ornaments and turned to more simplistic styles.

This year, for the first time, the organizing committee of CXMEE outsourced the on-site service of the exhibition floor to external companies. They will be responsible for the verification of the qualification of installers, the design and planning of the booths, as well as helping the fire department to examine the preventive measures taken by exhibitors.

Many of the exhibitors have notably adopted recycled materials, instead of conventional plastic and wooden materials in the building of their booths, joining the effort to create a green exhibition.