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CXMEE Premiun Project Roadshows opens with 8 projects on display

Premiun Project Roadshows Matchmaking Symposium opened on April 14, covering 8 projects on the stage show, such as electronic commerce, machinery, business, energy conservation and environmental protection industries. They paired up with the Taiwan Steel Group’s subordinations, ZhongYing Investment, Aquila Capital, Yunfeng Fund, Saif Venture Capital and other domestic and foreign well-known investment companies.

On site of activity, many splicing toys of rich colors, shapes attracted a lot of attention. Originally, these toys are products of a Xiamen toy enterprises--Loowi Toy Company, focusing on Ivan toys, educational toys, children toys market.

Director of the company's brand, Ma Jinhui told to reporters that, we shouldn’t underestimate these gadgets, because a number of products of the company obtained technology patents. Products not only sold in domestic market, but also to the United States, Japan, Israel and other countries. Ma Jinhui said that the company has a strong foundation in design, research and development and other aspects. But building brand can't be achieved in one day, at present the biggest problem is the capital. Future development path of company's products is under planning, and the aim to participate in the Premiun Project Roadshows is to find partner, to promote the further development of the company.

Emeego Electronic Commerce is a platform operator of Taobao Taiwan branch and Taobao Xiamen branch. At yesterday's meeting, founder of Emeego, Luo Qinglong shows the charm of e-commerce to everybody. Since the Taobao Taiwan branch was in operations in last October, click on the monthly volume is 4 million to 6 million. It has become the largest e-commerce platform for Taiwan manufacturers through mainland. Luo Qinglong told to reporters, the trade development momentum is good for Emeego, but if you want to win broader space for development, the first to bear is the brunt of the financing problem.

This CXMEE Premiun Project Roadshows are to solve the enterprise as pressing danger, to set up bridge of the funds and the project cooperation, to provide platform for industry exchange. In short, it connects projects with investment and financing parties, with more and more excellent project in the capital's wings. Reporter discovered that this matchmaking symposium have a major highlight which is inviting the third party experts to make project reviews, and financing, listed companies make some key points of the evaluation of project. Both investment and financing parties can make full communication and understanding of future direction of the financing, project market prospects, in order to make achievements of the “perfect marriage”.