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Press Release for the Conclusion of the 18th CXMEE
From:Xiamen Speed Business Co.,ltd

The18th China Xiamen Machinery and Electronics Exhibition (CXMEE) concludedat Xiamen International Conference and Exhibition Center on theafternoon of April 15, 2014 with fruitful results after four days ofexhibitions, forums, seminars and business talks.

So far this year, cross-strait economic cooperation and exchanges invarious sectors have continued, exhibiting a strong growth momentum.Under the guidance of the Ministryof Commerce, the State Council Taiwan Affairs Office, theMinistry of Science and Technology, and the General Administration ofQuality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, and thanks to theconcerted efforts of all entities of the Organizing Committee and theactive involvement of the industries on both sides of the TaiwanStraits, this year’s CXMEE activelysought innovation, stressed effectiveness, explored hot topics in theindustry, tapped cutting-edge technology, strongly advanced thecooperation of the machinery and electronics industries across theStraits, achieving more remarkable results and creating a mega stagefor the industries on both sides to engage in trading, communicationand networking.

I. SignificantlyEnhanced Results of Exhibition and Trading

Thisyear’s CXMEE produced substantial practical results, with mostexhibitors expressing satisfaction with the deals that they hadstruck, demonstrating the benefits of attending the exhibition.

(I) Active TradeTalks Demonstrating CXMEE’s Super Role as a Trade PromotingPlatform

The18th CXMEE drewmore than 120,000 trade visitors from around the world. Theoverwhelming majority of the exhibiting enterprises were pleased withthe results, and over 90% exhibiting enterprises received substantialorders and some even clinched cooperation agreements. Mazak, theworld’s machining tool giant, received orders worth more than RMB 8million. Taiwan’s Jiande Grinders and Dahlih Fabrication Centeralso received orders worth more than RMB 10 million. The TaiwanMachine Tool Sales Association took part in the CXMEE for the firsttime with a sizable delegation comprising Taiwan’s top four machinetool brands - Goodway, You Ji, AWEA and Kawasaki. The delegationexhibited high-performance and cost-effective CNC machining centersand CNC lathes, securing deals valued at RMB 11 million. Taiwan’sHartford Machinery exhibited four sample CNC machining centers, allof which were purchased by trade visitors for a total value of RMB 4million. Haitian Plastic Machinery, which had participated in theCXMEE for 15 straight years, received orders worth nearly RMB 20million. Fujian Mingxin Robot Technology saw deals worth more thanRMB 15 million. Janssen CNC and Shanghai Laizhen received struckdeals worth RMB 10 million. Suzhou Wuzheng, Renxing Machinery andmany other enterprises reported orders of over RMB 1 million. Otherexhibitors such as Zhejiang Julihuang, Guanglu Surveying, FujianJiatai, Xiamen Xingshi, and Huafulong also reaped substantial orders.

(II) SubstantialResults from Project Matchmaking and Greater Exhibition Effects

Atthis year’s CXMEE, in view of market demand and investment trendsacross the Taiwan Straits, the Organizing Committee hosted a seriesof matchmaking events, achieving significant results. First, for thefirst time, the Cross-Straits Investment and Trade MatchmakingSymposium was jointly sponsored by the CXMEE Organizing Committee andthe TaiwanElectrical and Electronic Manufacturers’ Association. The symposiuminvolved biomedicines, energy conservation and environmentalprotection, leisure agriculture, machinery, electronics and otherindustries. More than twenty enterprises from Taiwan Island set updesks for face-to-face talks with traders, and more than 100 mainlandChina enterprises and entities took part in the symposium, striking15 agreements worth more than RMB 95 million. Many other enterprisesreceived expressions of intents for cooperation, and several Taiwanenterprises reached preliminary matchmaking agreements with commerceand investment promotion departments in Shanxi, Jilin and Zhangzhou,with the potential value exceeding RMB 3 million. Thesuccess rate of the matchmaking talks reached 50%, winning lavishpraises from participating traders. Second, the 2014 Cross-StraitsInformation and Lighting Procurement Matchmaking and InformationPressConference attracted 15international buyers from Europe, NorthAmerica, the MiddleEast and emerging economies,as well as nearly100 energy-efficient lighting suppliers. Over thecourse of a single day, buyers and suppliers held nearly 250field procurement negotiation sessions, resulting in potential procurement deals worth approximately$ 60 million. Third,the “WineWorld” events, held for the first time, saw 13 preliminary contractsand agreements on investment worth more than RMB 100 million, and 30 businessessigned letters of intent about establishing a presence in the WineBank. Fourth, at the Cross-Straits Agricultural Matchmaking Symposium, participants signedthree agreements on cooperation intents wroth over RMB 20 million and reachedpreliminary investment agreements with local governmentsin Anhui,Yantai and Jilin,with the single biggest investment exceeding RMB 10 million.Moreover, during the CXMEE, a number of premium project raod showsand other networking events were staged, delivering greater businessopportunities to participating enterprises.

II. Industrial Development Stressed and Branding Effects of Specialized Exhibition Further Enhanced

The18th CXMEE focused on the developments of the industry,had a larger scale, and further raised its overall level of specialization.Its status as a premier machinery and electronicsexhibition in Asiahas been widely recognized.

(I) Large-than-everScale and Fully Enhanced Level of Specialization

The18th CXMEE hada show floor of 80,000square meters.More than 950 machinery and electronics companies staged a total of 3,800 booths andexhibited over 2,000 pieces of machinery and equipment.The scale of the exhibition set a new record. Thisyear’s CXMEE consisted of specialized exhibitions for machinetools; rubber and plastic machinery; industrialmolds; photovoltaic;welding and printing equipment; and engineering machinery.

Moreover,the 6th China(Xiamen) International Construction Machinery and Building MaterialMachinery Exhibition and 2014 China (Xiamen) Energy-saving Lighting Exhibition were staged tocoincide with the CXMEE. First,layout of exhibition was further optimized, and specializedexhibition areas were set up by industry.In addition, the machine tool and equipment exhibition area wasdivided into metal cutting area, metal shaping machine area, and welding equipment area. The organizers also set upa new exhibition area for advertisement printing equipment. Theengineering machinery exhibition area included a business vehicle area for the first time as well. Major engineering machinerybuilders from around the world, such as XGMA, China NationalHeavy-duty Trucks, New Longma, Sumitomo and Shibaura, displayed theirmajor products. The subdivision of the exhibition areas made iteasier for trade visitors to browse the products on display anddemonstrated the professionalism of the exhibition. Second,the number of machinery and equipment makers, especially machinetool, plastic and rubber machinery and welding equipment makers,continued to increased, and the exhibition areas for instruments anddevices, industrial controls and industrial moulds expanded. The machinery and equipment exhibition area coverednearly 30,000 square meters and featured more than 900 pieces ofequipment from more than 200 renowned domestic and overseasmanufacturers, including Panasonic welders, OTC welders, and Machi robots. Thisshowed that the CXMEE’sspecialization had further risen and its focus had been sharpened,providing a convenient platform for buyers. Third, sophisticatedhigh-tech products from the green and energy-saving sectors wereshowcased. Asthe CXMEE became a more influential and professional trade even in the machinery and electronics industry, more exhibitorspaid attention to the CXMEE’srole as a trading platform and showcased their latest high-techcreations at the exhibition.XGMA exhibited its latest product – a 16m long-arm CNG excavator. Also on display at the exhibition werea CNG loader, LNG loader, CNG excavator, LNG heavy-duty truck andother eco-friendly cutting-edge engineering machinery. Mazak,the world’s machining tool giant, exhibited a state-of-the-art high-velocity five-shaft processingcenter. The 2014 China (Xiamen) Energy-saving Lighting Exhibitionattracted a large number of renowned Chinese photovoltaic companies;they displayed a wide range of high-end, eco-friendly and low-carbonenergy-saving new products. The large number of high-tech productsand new products arose much interest and enhanced CXMEE’sspecialization.

(II) Active Involvement of Industries from across TaiwanStrait, and Boosted Profile of CXMEE

Forthe 18th CXMEE, the organizers had increased efforts to invite resourceful industrial association and major professional buyers from around the world, receiving an enthusiastic response. First,the number of overseas trade visitors continuedto rise. Accordingto statistics released by the Organizing Committee, as of noon ofApril 15, the 18th CXMEE drew a total of 39,682 trade visitors from 32 countries and regions, including 4,985overseas visitors.

Themajor sources of trade visitors were Taiwan,Hong Kong, Japan, France, Canada, the UK, Southeast Asia, the MiddleEast, Jordan, and BRIC countries. Thenumber of domestic trade visitors and delegations also increased.Industry associations, such as China LightingSociety and Fujian Radioand Television Industry Associations, as well as organizations and chambers of commerce in Beijing,Shanxi, Shenzhen, Dalian, Wenzhou, Yantai, Nanchang, Changji,Dongguan, Shantou, Quanzhou, Longyan, Putian and Sanming,sent delegations to the CXMEE. Thelarge number of trade visitors and the strong attention from theindustries across the Taiwan Straitsfully demonstrated the appeal of the CXMEE as the premier machineryand electronics exhibition in China.

(II) Dedicated Forums Promoted Cross-StraitsIndustrial Cooperation and Technology Exchange Expanded

Thisyear’sCXMEE explored the frontiers of in various segments of the machinery and electronics industry across the TaiwanStraits and identified new trends in the industry.A series of specialized forums, seminars and networking events werehosted during the CXMEE, including the 7th Cross StraitsForum on the Flat Panel Display IndustryCooperation and the Symposium on New Welding Techniques for MetallicMaterials, attracted a significant number of industry professionals and showcased the strengths and sophistication of the industry. CXMEE has become the best professional platform for showcasing the latest products andexploring the latest machinery and electronics technologies.

III. Stronger Focuson Taiwan and a Mega Platform for Cross-Straits Economic and TradeExchanges

CXMEEwas originally set up for Taiwan and has thrived for Taiwan.As an economic and trade event jointly organized by both sides of theTaiwanStraits, this year’sCXMEE followed new developments across the Taiwan Straitsand explored the hot topics. Straitselements were incorporated into the shows and talks at the year’sCXMEE, accentuating its role as an unrivalled platform forcross-straits economic and trade exchanges.

(I) More Taiwan Business People and Taiwan Businesses at the CXMEE

Withthe expanding exchanges across the Taiwan Straits, the CXMEE hasgained increasing recognition from Taiwan’s business community. This year’sCXMEE drew more Taiwan enterprises and Taiwan-fundedenterprises. More than 300 Taiwan enterprises and Taiwan-fundedenterprises participated in the exhibition, filling up 750 booths, an increaseof 25% year-on-year. Theparticipating Taiwan enterprises were more representative of theindustry. Hartford, Goodway, Awea, You Ji, Qifa, Kofa, YCM, Dahlih,Litz, Longyou, Ecom and many other renowned Taiwan enterprises stageda sizable presence at the CXMEE. Taiwanremained the largest source of overseas trade visitors, with 2,328 businesspeople in attendance, accounting for 46.6 percent ofoverseas trade visitors. Nearly 20 Taiwan business delegations attended the CXMEE; they included the TaiwanCross-Straits Common Market Foundation,Taiwan Electricaland Electronic Manufacturers’ Association,Taiwan Integrated Manufacturing Association, TaiwanAssociation of Industry and Commerce, TaichungWorld Trade Center, Importers and Exporters Association of Taipei,Taiwan Topology Research Institute, South Taiwan Culture and Economic IndustryAlliance Association, Taipei Chamber of Commerce, Taiwan TradeCenter, and Taiwan Optoelectronics and Semi-conductor Industry Association,Delta Electronics, Sunshine Group, and TaiwanCathay Securities. They took an active part in exhibitions,forums, seminars, and matchmaking events.

(II) Cross-Straits Forum Boosted Economic and Trade Exchanges

The2014Cross-Strait Economic and Trade Forum, themed on the “cooperationand win-win results of free trade zones across the Taiwan Straits”,explored free trade zones on both sides from various perspectives andpresented a new blueprint for cross-straits economic and traderelations. Theforum wasjointly organizedby the Association of Economyand Trade across the TaiwanStraits,the Cross-straitCommon Market Foundation and theCXMEE Organizing Committee. Dignitaries attending or speaking at theforum included Zhou Hanmin, a member of the CPPCCStanding Committee, vicechairman of the CentralCommittee ofthe DemocraticNational Construction Association;Wang Liaoping, chairman of the Associationof Economyand Trade across the TaiwanStraits;Li Rongmin, first vice presidentof the ChinaChamber of Commerce for Machineryand Electronics Imports and Exports; XiaoJincheng,president of the Land Development and RegionalEconomic Research Institute of the National Development and Reform Commission; KangTao, vicemayor of Xiamen;Zhang Qi, deputy director of the Department of Foreign Trade andEconomic Cooperation of the State Council Development ResearchCenter; ChanHuo-sheng, chairmanof Cross-Straits Common MarketFoundation;and Zhang Guangping, president of the TaiwanTopology ResearchInstitute.They shared their insights and contributed their ideas for theindustries on both sides of the TaiwanStraitsto jointly tap into the international marketplace. Multiple otherspecialized forums were also held during the CXMEE, including the2014 Cross-Strait LED Application Innovation Forum and the 7th Cross-Straits Flat Panel Industry Cooperation Forum. At these forums,participants explored the development prospects of the industry.

(III) TaiwanNative Products Proved Immensely Popular

Jointly organized by the Importersand Exporters Association of Taipei, Taiwan Electricaland Electronic Manufacturers’ Association and Taichung World Trade Center, theyear’s Taiwan Premium Commodities Exhibition featured morethan 130 Taiwan enterprises, which set up 250booths toshowcase more than 1,000 types of commodities. Abouthalf of the exhibitors were first-time CXMEE participants. Taiwan’snative products proved to be immensely popular among Xiamen residents.

Inaddition, the Cross-strait AgriculturalMatchmaking Symposium,held for the first time, attracted nearly 30 Taiwaneseagricultural and commercial entities, including the Managers Association of Taiwan,Taiwan Jianfeng Trade and Taiwan Shun Hing Tea Factory. Thesymposium used micro e-commerce to match up agricultural tradersacross the Taiwan Straitsand helped Taiwan agricultural enterprises and fruit growers to tap into the mainland market.

IV. InnovationBoosts Industrial Integration across the TaiwanStraits

Innovation the philosophy and the driving engine of the CXMEE. Inthe new era, the CXMEEactively soughtnew changes, strictly followed the principle of frugality, andintroduced sophisticated technologies, thus facilitating closerintegration of the industries on both sides of the Taiwan Straits. In style,matchmaking events, forumcontents and many other aspects, thisyear’sCXMEE showed refreshing changes.

(I) InnovativeManagement Style and Higher Information and Service Standards

Theorganizers adhered to the principles of frugalityand pragmatismand introduced innovative measures to run exhibitions, conferencesand events. They emphasized innovative elements, simplified publicstaging, canceled the opening ceremony, evening banquet and otherevents, and focused on creating a superb platform that facilitatedprocurement and trade talks. Theyhosted the first ever Cross-Straits Networking Party for Machineryand Electronics Industriesand made the best use of the funds available to improve the practical results of the exhibition and to expand its influence,achieving significant results. Moreover, the organizers introduced innovative servicemeasures and madefull use of the latest mobile Internet technology to enhance theWeChat publicplatform, yeepai.com,micro website and other new media service platforms, further raisingthe CXMEE’sinformation technology standards. First, theorganizers used the WeChat channel to offer online business matchmaking, exhibitor information inquiry, and one-button navigation functions, and upgraded event announcements on a daily basis. Second,the organizers introduced the new “cloudauction” technology to improve the mobile Internet service platform andfurther raise the standard of information services, thus providingexhibitors with more efficient and convenient services. Third, there arealso innovations in service concepts and standards. Forthe first time, the organizers introduced main-venue serviceproviders to provide standardized management for the exhibition and offer innovative and people-based services.

(II) InnovativeMatchmaking Events Staged to Enhance Cross-StraitsIndustrial Integration

Inaddition to the usual matchmaking events, the organizers hosted new matchmaking events for more sectorsand introduced an innovative matchmaking model. Theyhosted three dedicated matchmaking events, further enriching thethemes and contents of such events and advancing cross-straitsindustrial integration and collaboration. The2014 Summit on Fujian Enterprises Seeking TaiwanListing and Premium Project Roadshow, jointly organized the CXMEEOrganizing Committee, Ying Capital and Taiwan Cathay Securities,explored the key points in the process for Fujian companies to obtain listing in Taiwan, as well as their advantages in doing so.The summit matched Fujian firms with renowned Taiwansecurities brokerages and investment funds, opening channels forTaiwan listing and expanding their financing channels. Theevent was expected to produce win-win results for Fujian enterprisesand Taiwan’scapital market and usher in a new chapter in cross-straitscooperation.

(III) DedicatedForums with Innovative Themes Setting Trends of Industry Development

In addition to the hot topics in cross-straits economic and trade exchanges, thisyear’sCXMEE explored technological innovations in related industries and emerging technologies for marketing in the era of the Internet. The 2014 Cross-Straits LED Application Innovation Forum,the 2014 MADCon Xiamen Search InnovationApplication Sharing Conference showcased cutting-edge technologiesand innovative thinking, playing a significant role in expanding thevery frontiersof technology.The 2014 Cross-Straits LED Application Innovation Forum envisioned a “light innovation revolution” and explored, in-depth, LED healthy lighting application, designinnovation and smart development.By promoting brainstorming and interaction across the industries,the forum tapped Xiamen’ssuperior optoelectronicsindustry, providing astrong impetus to theenhancement of cross-straitoptoelectronics industry technology innovation capability and corecompetitiveness and expanding the frontier of the optoelectronics industry. Atthe 2014 MADCon Xiamen Search InnovationApplication Sharing Conference, participants shared their practicalexperiences in online marketing in the context of “BigData”.Baidu Big Data,the barometer of SEO, debuted at the conference, and organizersdemonstrated data analyses on hot social topics and released the 2014Report on the Development Trends of Website Operations in China, encouraging participants to explore new thinking.

V. Clusteringof High-end Elements and Significantly Enhanced Absorptive andStimulatory Functions

Thisyear’sCXMEE showcased a large collection of top-class enterprises andhigh-end technologies, consolidating Xiamen’sstatus as the hub of technology innovation service center and production service center. It also exerted astimulatory effect on regional resource sharing, resource complementation,and the creation of mutual benefits and win-win results in thesoutheastern coastal region and across the Taiwan Straitsas well. As a result, the CXMEE is on track to becoming a leadingglobal trading platform.

First,this year’sCXMEE featured a stronger global vision. Traders from throughout theworld flocked to the exhibition, further expanding the exhibition’sinternational recognition and raising its profile as a leading global exhibition.

Second,this year’sCXMEE exhibited a sharper focus on the domestic market and itsstimulatory effect significantly increased. It’snoteworthy that the organizers introduced a new model under which the government built a stage for enterprises to demonstrate their strengths. Forthe first time, Longyan Municipal Government teamed up with leadinglocal enterprises to staged a joint exhibition of locally madeengineering machinery and hosted a promotion seminar for 47 machineryand electronic projects,receiving significant results and showcasing the regional overalladvantages and professionalism of the local machinery and electronics manufacturing industry.Changtai County also hosted a promotion seminar for the high-end manufacturing industry. Inaddition, trade agenciesand business associations in Guangdong’s Shenzhen, Dongguan and Shantou,Zhejiang’sWenzhou, Jiangxi’s Nanchang,Xinjiang’s Changji, and Fujian’s Sanming, Jinjiang and Putian sent delegations to the CXMEE, further enhancing the brand awareness of the regional machinery and electronics industry and stimulatingthe efforts to enhance technological prowess and innovation capabilities.

The 18th CXMEE received extensive coverage inthe domestic and overseas press. About420 journalists from nearly70 mediaorganizations and leading portals covered the events, includingPeople’s Daily, Xinhua News Agency, the Central People’sBroadcasting Station, China Radio International, CCTV, China NewsAgency, Economic Information Daily, International Business Daily,21st Century Business Herald, People’s Net, Xinhua Net, Sina,Tencent, Hexun, Phoenix Net, China Taiwan Net, TaiwanChina Times, and TaiwanNow News. TheCXMEE’sopening ceremony was prominently featured on CCTV Channels I and IV on the same day. According to incomplete statistics, there were more than 8,200news stories on the CXMEE. The extensive coverage had further enhanced CXMEE’sglobal name recognition and influence.

Mainland China and Taiwan joined hands to stage a successful CXMEE and exploreglobal business opportunities. Although the 18th CXMEE has concluded, its stimulatory effects on cross-straitseconomic and trade relations will continue. As a superb platform forpromoting cross-straits exchanges and for tapping into the globalmarket, the CXMEE stays onthe forefront of the Web information age and closely follows the latest developments in science and technology.This year’sCXMEE explored a wide range of hot topics, from free trade zonedevelopment, to cutting-edge technology innovation and cross-straitsindustrial cooperation and integration, to healthy and green ecological concepts, to Web-based marketinginnovation applications. It played a significant role in advancingthe cooperation between the machinery and electronics industries across the Taiwan Straits and in helpingthe industries to tap into the global market.

With the steady growth of the ties across the TaiwanStraits,the economic and trade exchange and cooperation look certain to enjoygreater opportunities for expansion in 2015. The CXMEE OrganizingCommittee will continue to follow its guidelines of professionalism,internationalization, market-based operations, and incorporation ofinformation technology,accentuate its unique advantages with regards to Taiwan, andcomplement the implementation of the “BeautifulXiamen” strategy, continuously expand the space and sectors of cross-straits exchange and cooperation,further tap its role as a bridge in cross-straits exchange and industrial interaction and integration, and facilitate the industrialtransformation and upgrading in Xiamen and China’ssoutheastern regions, thereby making greater contribution to thecommon prosperity of cross-straits prosperity and the development ofthe peaceful relations across the TaiwanStraits.

We are grateful to you for yourconsistent support of the CXMEE and sincerely hope that you willcontinue to support and take part in the CXMEE.We look forward to welcoming you again to the enhancing city ofXiamen in April next year.