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About the Fair

In response to the state council put forward the "speed up the strategic emerging industries, to build a new engine of economic and social development", the organizing committee will help business people the 20th cifit held its first China emerging industry exhibition platform (hereinafter referred to as "emerging industry exhibition"), with "emerging industries to create the future" as the theme, by showing the new technology, new application, new materials, structures, new industry investment and financing platform, the power industry enterprise development. Held during the exhibition will also be divisions national-level new industry investment and financing and the high quality project roadshow, precise invite interested in investment institutions and exhibition projects across the matched exchanges, and seminar for wisdom urban development, energy conservation and environmental protection technology exchange meeting, the municipal government issued the national-level key projects and other supporting activities.

[scope of exhibits]

1.Energy conservation, environmental protection and new energy : Air purification, pollution control, water treatment, high efficiency and energy saving, environmental protection materials, energy-saving building materials, recycling technology and products, solar energy, wind energy, nuclear energy, biomass energy, lithium battery and energy storage and other new energy technologies and products;

  2. Artificial intelligence, intelligent home: Video technology, global positioning system, autonomous driving, face recognition,Internet of things, image voice recognition, virtual reality technology, smart city, smart transportation, smart home, smart medical treatment, etc.

  3. High-end equipment manufacturing: Intelligent robot, CNC machine tool, aerospace technology, satellite and application, high-speed railway, rail transit, Marine engineering equipment, intelligent power equipment, 3D printing;

 4. New materials: Graphene, electronic information materials, 3D printing materials, nanomaterials, special alloys, special functions and high-performance composite materials;

 5. New generation of information technology: New generation communication network, integration of three networks, new flat-panel display, high-performance integrated circuit, big data, cloud  computing, etc.

6. Bioengineering: Gene sequencing, new antibodies and vaccines, gene therapy, cell therapy and other biological products and preparations;

7.Other: High-tech industrial parks, investment companies, investment funds, government investment institutions and other service organizations.