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About the Fair

   The Lutai economic and trade fair (hereinafter referred to as "lutai conference") is a large-scale economic and trade event jointly hosted by the Taiwan affairs office of the state council and the people's government of shandong province.

   The 24th lutai conference will be held in lutai convention and exhibition center, weifang city, shandong province on September 1, solstice, 2018. The total exhibition area is 50,000 square meters, including intelligent manufacturing, electronic appliances and cultural innovation on both sides of the Taiwan straits.

(Exhibits range)

ØIndustrial robots and automation

Industrial robot, 3D printing, servo system, frequency converter, sensor, controller, mechanical transmission, automation technology, pneumatic hydraulic parts, industrial Internet, etc.

ØMachine tools, laser equipment

Various kinds of CNC machine tools, special machine tools, metal processing machinery, forging press machinery, sheet metal machinery, laser cutting, welding equipment and accessories.

ØTooling and functional parts

All kinds of molds, die steel, die processing technology, instruments, hardware tools, hardware materials, abrasive tools, tools, fixtures, bearings, fasteners, etc.

ØFluid machinery and cleaning equipment

Pumps, valves, pipes, compressor, filter, machinery and air purification, water treatment equipment, clean machine, sweep the floor machine, industrial cleaning equipment, air duct cleaning equipment, disinfection equipment, air purification and dust removal equipment, etc.

ØRubber and plastic industry

Injection molding machines, blow molding machines, extruders, plastic weaving machines, die casting machines and auxiliary equipment, rubber and plastic materials, plastic products.

ØLogistics equipment and engineering machinery

Forklift, storage shelves, transportation and other logistics equipment and accessories; All kinds of engineering machinery, special vehicles, commercial vehicles and their components.

ØPackaging and printing industry

All kinds of printing machinery, before printing post-press equipment, digital inkjet printing equipment, corrugated carton production equipment, packaging machinery, food processing equipment, all kinds of supplies, packing boxes, packaging bags, printed matter, etc.

ØNew energy vehicles and components

Electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles, fuel cell vehicles, hydrogen engine vehicles, other new energy vehicles, automotive lithium batteries, fuel cells, charging systems and other auto parts