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About the Fair
The 2017 Xiamen International Intelligent Manufacturing Exhibition is sponsored by the Xiamen Municipal Economic and Information Bureau, Xiamen City professional exhibition intelligent intelligent manufacturing industry association and the Xiamen Feichi Co. Ltd. jointly hosted the manufacturing industry, will be held April 2017 12-15 in Xiamen International Exhibition Center and Xiamen 2017 Industry Expo twenty-first cxmee held at the same time.
Xiamen Industry Fair (Taiwan Trade Fair) is the largest industrial exhibition co sponsored by the two sides of the Taiwan Strait, the twentieth Taiwan Trade Fair held in 2016 reached 100 thousand square meters, a total of 4300 booths. The conference attracted from the United States, Germany, Israel and other more than and 20 countries and regions, many professional merchants group participants, more than 40 thousand domestic and foreign businessmen gathered professional conference. The event continues to be widely concerned about the domestic and foreign media and positive reports, the general assembly a total of 400 more than more than and 70 media reporters attended the meeting, a total of more than 8 thousand reports issued.
In order to better implement the "2025" plan Chinese manufacturing industry and the new Department of intelligent equipment development guidance, follow the international industrial development in 4, conform to the development trend of intelligent manufacturing industry, to further promote the intelligent manufacturing application in modern industry, the Xiamen International Exhibition in Xiamen Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Fair (Taiwan Trade Fair) in 20 years cross strait Electromechanical industry greatly influence and merchants group, professional exhibition of new technology and new material application, intelligent manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing both supply and demand to build a more effective display exchange trading platform, effectively enhance the level of industrial intelligence in Xiamen and Haixi region, accelerate the process of machine substitutions. Xiamen is on the west side of the Straits advanced manufacturing base, the municipal government in 13th Five-Year "plan clearly pointed out that by 2020, key areas of CNC equipment production rate will reach 70%, the construction of 10 intelligent manufacturing factory model, the formation of 5 key enterprises and key industrial intelligent equipment of software enterprises, realize the transition from" made in Xiamen "to" Xiamen made.
The 2017 Xiamen International Intelligent Manufacturing Exhibition planning exhibition area of 12000 square meters, 600 international standard booths, together with the Xiamen Expo held at the same time (intersection), the total exhibition area will reach 100 thousand square meters, the total booth number will be more than 4000. During the exhibition will be held in the first China (Xiamen) intelligent manufacturing industry development forum, supply and demand docking, applied technology seminars and a series of activities. 2017 Xiamen International Intelligent Manufacturing Exhibition will play a good role in promoting the development of industrial intelligence in Haixi region, becoming a highly effective intelligent manufacturing professional event.
Support unit: mechanical and electrical products import and Export Chamber of Commerce, China Chinese Machinery Industry Federation, Taiwan electrical and Electronics Industry Association of Guangdong Province, Dongguan City, Fujian province robot industry association to promote the development of intelligent manufacturing, Guangdong Shenzhen robot association;
Co organizer: Xiamen City Convention and Exhibition Affairs Bureau, Xiamen City Association of small and medium enterprises, Xiamen City Convention and Exhibition Industry Association, Xiamen City kitchen industry association and Xiamen sports goods industry association and Xiamen Rubber Association, association of Xiamen City, Xiamen Optoelectronics Industry Association, Xiamen Association of CIO networking;
Organizer: Xiamen Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Association, Xiamen Business Co., Ltd.