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About the Fair
2017 Xiamen International Advertising Technology Exhibition (referred to as the Xiamen advertising Fair) will be held in April 2017 12-15 in Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center A1, A2 Museum and the 2017 Xiamen industrial exposition and the twenty-first stage of the Taiwan Trade Fair held in the same period.
Xiamen Industry Fair (Taiwan Trade Fair) is the largest industrial exhibition co sponsored by the two sides of the Taiwan Strait, the twentieth Taiwan Trade Fair held in 2016 reached 100 thousand square meters, a total of 4300 booths. The conference attracted from the United States, Germany, Israel and other more than and 20 countries and regions, many professional merchants group participants, more than 40 thousand domestic and foreign businessmen gathered professional conference. The event continues to be widely concerned about the domestic and foreign media and positive reports, the general assembly a total of 400 more than more than and 70 media reporters attended the meeting, a total of more than 8 thousand reports issued.
With the help of the Xiamen Expo good market platform and influence, the first Xiamen advertising exhibition in April 2016 wonderful debut, HP, Wuteng, MIMAKI, Roland, auway photo machine, and other domestic and foreign digital printing equipment market leader, qianglijucai, unitop, Vientiane, Fuxiang to screen LED display the leading domestic, Yiyang, Foshan the day, woodpeckers, in more than and 40 ad, marking and processing equipment and other related enterprises, Tangma Bomei 58 city, postal, advertising, media, media interest million people hundreds of advertising enterprise to display, more than 2 thousand advertising circles to visit. The exhibition was also held during the "cross-strait advertising industry development forum on the development of digital media trends, Haixi LED products thermal management research and docking, less intelligent Kun LED new release and the national dealer conference and other exciting activities.
Set sail, more brilliant, good start 2017 Xiamen advertising exhibition will continue the first exhibition planning, exhibition area of 8000 square meters, 400 international standard booths, and the Museum held China (Xiamen) LED lighting and supply chain Ecological Exhibition and Xiamen international printing and packaging industry exhibition, together with the Xiamen Expo held at the same time (intersection), the total exhibition area will reach 100 thousand square meters.
Show platform Xiamen advertising exhibition will strive to build a covering the advertising industry of the whole industry chain, the integration of resources, open up the market, to promote the development of advertising and logo industry area and on both sides of the Strait to a new level!
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1, intelligent identification, label and production equipment: advertising signs, signs, traffic signs, marking system and accessories, materials, laser cutting machine, CNC engraving machine, acrylic plastic equipment and other production equipment
2, the digital ink-jet printing: printing machine, digital photo machine, printing machine, printer, thermal transfer printing, screen printing, plate making UV digital inkjet printing equipment, various types of ink-jet printing materials and components;
3, advertising equipment and materials: all kinds of new light boxes, light guide plate, light display equipment, three side, neon lights, printing cloth, photo paper, light boxes, timely stickers, reflective material, acrylic sheet and products etc.
4, exhibition display, POP and commercial facilities: all kinds of exhibition equipment, portable exhibition equipment, model, shelf, commercial automation technology equipment, commercial space design and decoration materials, exhibition engineering, decoration, etc..
5, advertising gifts